What is the Digitrainer project about?

In the future our students will increasingly need good entrepreneurial skills in both their studies and their work lives. This is why with the in “Digitrainer for upper secondary high schools – project” students themselves develop goal-oriented activities, research new opportunities and expand on them and improve their creative, risk-taking and collaboration skills, etc. At the same time, the students develop as students and the project will help guide students. Finland is a country which is well-known for its expertise in educational development. The Digitrainer for Education was developed in cooperation with several Finnish universities and research groups.

Implementing the Digitrainer

Finnish upper secondary education is taking steps towards new digital solutions which empower entrepreneurial learning and behaviour. During 2015-2019 a learning environment SKILLOON will be developed that acts as a so-called Digitrainer. Digitrainer for Education is a personal trainer for students. With Digitrainer students evaluate their own activities, receive feedback on their activities and set themselves new goals, among other things. It is a concrete pedagogical and virtual tool for teachers and schools. Good ideas are shared in a cooperation network for the development of entrepreneurial skills in upper secondary high schools. SKILLOON empowers and challenges you to develop. SKILLOON brings the spirit of cooperation to education!


Digitrainer project in collaboration with

Project coordinator Mynämäen lukio - Mynämäki

Other high school partners
Karhulan lukio - Kotka
Seinäjoen lukio - Seinäjoki
Leppävaaran lukio - Espoo
Jyväskylän aikuislukio, Jyväskylän Lyseon Lukio, Schildtin lukio - Jyväskylän koulutuskuntayhtymä
Paraisten lukio - Parainen
Pargas svenska gymnasium - Pargas
Turun normaalikoulu - Turku
Liedon lukio - Lieto
The English School - Helsinki

With research Lappeenrannan teknillinen yliopisto and Turun yliopisto

Digitrainer research-based contact is produced by Not a Bad Idea Oy (www.notabadidea.fi)

Funded by the National Board of Education


Cooperation Partners

Opetushallitus / National Board of Education
YES ry / YES ry, entrepreneurship education service for teachers
Turun Yliopisto / University of Turku
Turku Science Park
Suomen Lukiolaisten Liitto SLL / The Union of Upper Secondary School Students in Finland
Pellervo - Seura ry / Pellervo organisation for Finnish cooperatives and cooperative activities
Taloudellinen tiedotustoimisto TAT / Economic Information Office
Suomen Rehtorit ry Sure / Finnish National Confederation of Principals
Sitra / The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra

Composition of the Coordination Group

Pekka Leino - Mynämäen lukio
Mirva Jalo - Mynämäen lukio
Stefan Stjärnstedt - Mynämäen lukio
Raija pihlava - Mynämäen lukio
Laura Päiviö-Häkämies - Mynämäen kunta